Our spaces are greatly affected by the style of lighting we make a choice for and it is because of this reason that a growing number of clients and end users have begun to question whether we should go for traditional techniques or more contemporary trends.  

Being designers and prima facie "lighting designers", we typically face questions like - "Can you design spaces that are bright, we don't want mood   light?" "We want spaces  that are brightly lit?".  Millennials/young professionals do believe that we must learn to go with the flow and therefore taking up new trends or smarter ways is a better option. 

As experts and designers it becomes a role more important to consider quantity as well as quality of light both at the same time. Considering traditional lighting techniques - the ones that emphasize more on lux levels as per standards, the right quantity of light and the functionality of a space, quality of light/contemporary style becomes a key ingredient not to be missed at this point.